Join the CCPT Collective

Building a community of play therapists preserving and advancing the child-centered model.

We bring together aspiring and seasoned child-centered play therapists to support and inspire each other with the shared goal of preserving and advancing the effectiveness of the child-centered model so that we can positively impact children and families worldwide.

We aim to inspire, educate, and empower CCPTs, ensuring they never feel lonely, unsupported, or undertrained. Through our collective efforts, we will evangelize the power of Child-Centered Play Therapy to the world, igniting a community-driven movement that enhances the lives of children and families everywhere.

The CCPT Collective "Main Event" is our twice-weekly Zoom calls

Our Thursday and Friday Zoom calls are the highlight of our week together.

Dr. Brenna Hicks hosts two calls weekly that feature:

  • Live Question & Answer sessions - Get your questions answered live!
  • Group training on Advanced CCPT Topics - Learn techniques, strategies, and tips for implementing the classical child-centered play therapy model in your practice.
  • New member introductions - Meet new members and find connections based on location, type of work, and interests.

Get your questions answered in our online discussion platform

The heart of the CCPT Collective is our online discussions. We understand that being a CCPT can feel lonely sometimes. Knowing that you have a community of other CCPTs and a place where you can share your thoughts is a great comfort for our members.

Online discussion categories include:

  • General Discussion - Talk about anything CCPT-life related.
  • Share Wins - Share your CCPT Wins this week, and let us celebrate with you! Your win may encourage someone else!
  • Case Consultations - Ask questions regarding case specifics with which you need some perspective.
  • Talking to Parents - Ask for feedback on interacting with parents.
  • Private Practice - Get feedback regarding owning a practice or working in the CCPT private practice world!
  • School-Based CCPT - Ask questions if you are practicing CCPT in a school environment.

Our experience practicing CCPT is better when we interact with a community of other practitioners who share the same child-centered model. 

We have developed a culture of positivity, growth, and encouragement in the CCPT Collective.

We hope to differentiate ourselves from other online CCPT communities in that everyone here is fully invested in developing their craft.

Placing a monetary value on membership naturally filters only those who are serious about their professional CCPT skills into the membership.

You can be assured that everyone here is "rowing in the same direction."  That is, preserving and advancing the child-centered play therapy model.

Transform Your Practice and Impact with the CCPT Collective

  • Access to Exclusive Training Resources - Gain access to enriching training resources and expert guidance.
  • Connect with Fellow Child-Centered Play Therapists - Build relationships with like-minded professionals who share your passion.
  • Strengthen Your Therapeutic Skills - Elevate your expertise and feel more confident in your practice.
  • Level Up Your Communication Skills - Learn to convey the importance of play therapy with clarity and conviction.
  • Navigate the Business Side of Play Therapy - Get insights on running a successful practice.
  • Inspire and Impact - Empower yourself to teach and spread the benefits of play therapy in your community.
  • A Supportive Network - Join a community that offers unwavering support and opportunities for collaboration.

Discover What Awaits You in the CCPT Collective

Inside our vibrant community, you'll find:

  • Case Consultation: Get help and insight from experts and peers.
  • Direct Q&A with Dr. Brenna Hicks: Twice weekly, Dr. Hicks answers questions from members during the CCPT Collective Zoom Calls.
  • Engaging Community Discussions: Dive into meaningful conversations with like-minded child-centered play therapists.
  • Exclusive Training Hub: Access a wealth of specialized resources and training materials.
  • Live Connection Sessions: Join our weekly LIVE Zoom calls to interact in real-time with experts and peers.
  • Monthly Themes: Immerse yourself in focused discussions and activities driven by our inspiring monthly themes.
  • Archived Wisdom: Never miss a moment—unlimited access to the archive of past Zoom calls and Live Streams.

Experience the CCPT Collective with a Risk-Free 14-Day Free Trial

Discover the incredible benefits of the CCPT Collective without any commitment. Our 14-day free trial grants you full access to our vibrant community, where you can:

  • Explore Exclusive Training Resources
  • Connect with Child-Centered Play Therapy Peers
  • Enhance Your Professional Skills
  • Join Engaging Discussions
  • Access Valuable Play Therapy Insights

During your trial, you'll have the opportunity to engage with our community, access valuable content, and experience the support and inspiration that our members enjoy every day. Take the first step towards transforming your play therapy practice and positively impacting children and families worldwide. Sign up for your risk-free trial today!